The Myth of Universal “White Heritage”

Reasonable people would find it extremely offensive to characterize monuments to southern traitors as being representative of the ENTIRE Caucasian race.

They would point out that in the Civil War over 360,000 white American citizens gave their lives in OPPOSITION to the agenda of the treason of the South.

And in River City today the white supremacist community is hardly representative of the entire white population.

As reasonable people drive through the Caucasian neighborhoods in this city they see plenty of signage indicating support for Joe Biden and various local candidates of color running for public office in front of the homes of white people for example, with the signage supporting Donald J Trump few and far between.

If the “white heritage community” wants to celebrate what they consider their “heritage”, that is fine but please don’t for a moment assume that “heritage” represents the heritage of the white race in it’s entirety.

Guilty or Innocent, the Denham take on Kyle Rittenhouse

You’re wrong, Chris.

I watched that video several times and the little punk was not initially defending himself against anybody.

There was no credible attack, somebody threw a plastic purse at him.

There is no indication at all that anybody tried to do him harm until AFTER he had executed his first victim.

What we basically have here is a little Pillsbury doughboy Mommy’s boy who got scared and pissed his pants and starting firing off rounds.

Now I will grant you, the little punk probably was pissing his pants in fear (even though that fear was not justified) because he does not seem to be a kid of any particular courage as demonstrated by the fact that the punk ran to his mommy after the deed was done

Amy Barrett, Onward Christian Soldier

Had Amy Coney Barrett not been a rabid expounder of extremist Christian philosophy there is no way she would have been nominated by Donald J Trump.

Black Lung, Virginia Miners, Covid-19 and Donald J Trump. A recipe for suffering and death

Donna Rabender

Well, you clearly have been drinking the right wing Kool-Aid fueled with lies on the mask issue.

The fact is masking up HAS been proven to be effective, but that is a debate for another time.

What is relevant here is the miners are not refusing to mask up because they don’t believe the masks are ineffective.

The miners are refusing to mask up to make a political statement, to demonstrate their love and affection for their president Donald J Trump.

Another fellow brought up the dependence of public utilities on coal fired plants.

Now I don’t know what the truth of that is. Dude could be fabricating for all I know.

What I DO know is those utilities have had decades to clean up their act and wean themselves off coal just as the miners in Southwest Virginia have had decades to get the education and training necessary so they would not be tied to this dying industry.

Let me put this in perspective.

One of my grandfathers was a miner in the hard coal fields of Pennsylvania.

I never knew him because he died young as a result of black lung, but not before he sired 12 children.

Not a SINGLE ONE of those kids had to follow him into the mines, and most of them lived until their seventies and eighties.

Be Ye Righteous

Be ye righteous
According to the good book If  Christians are righteous and right with God  they need not fear this virus.

According to the Bible the only people who are going to get infected in church are those Christian preachers and Padres  and parishioners who have sin in their hearts and are not righteous nor Walking  with Jesus

The Bible is clear on this

Mark 16:17-18 New King James Version (NKJV)

17 And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; 18 they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”


Who is Amy?

And “who she is” is an individual who is going to pursue an agenda that will disenfranchise millions of voters and replace the will of the people with the will of the Supreme Court of the United States of America when it comes to choosing our next president.

She is a woman who will oversee the end of a women’s right to control of her own body.

She is a woman who will eliminate equal treatment under the law for the LGBTQ community and she will be the catalyst to deny affordable health insurance to millions and millions and millions of Americans.

That is clearly who the woman is.

And just so we’re on the same page, I don’t blame her for what she is. After all, it IS her nature.

The people I blame are the Bernie Bots, who with the complicity of Hillary Clinton, handed the Oval Office to Donald J Trump in 2016 and RBG for staying too long at the party.

Who is at fault?

Glen Williams

I don’t disagree with that Glen.

Donald J Trump is perfectly within his rights to put his lap dog on the Supreme Court.

In fact on a number of other forums I have laid the blame squarely on the Bernie Bots (with an assist from Hillary Clinton) and RBG for staying too long at the party.

But that does not change the fact that unless Joe Biden wins the election in a total blow out, the Supreme Court of the United States of America is going to hand the Oval Office back to Donald J Trump regardless of the will of the people.

I don’t blame Donald J Trump for that and I don’t blame his people on the Supreme Court. I said in 2016 that elections have consequences and the damage the Bernie Bots (with an assist from Hillary Clinton) was going to be incalculable.