Dr Fauci can go to hell sez RVA right wing politicians: GOP candidates reject the Mask, risk spread of Covid-19 on the Campaign Trail

Mandatory Masking as recommended by Dr Fauci in this article posted by WWBT NBC12 would be the smart move but is also unenforceable.

In our own area, we see reports on various RVA News outlets of a local candidate for governor who has made the naked face the cornerstone of her campaign.

Leave us not forget that the naked face of 2020 has become the equivalent of the MAGA hat of 2016, a way for white, right-wing extremists to show not only their love and affection for their current president but to send a message to all decent and true Americans that they are not going to relinquish their hithertofore dominant position in society without a fight.

And a fight, we should add, that in some cases will go beyond verbal sparring and result in actual violent physical attacks against those who attempt to enforce any mask policy.

We have already seen a number of incidences where a few members of anti-mask community have resorted to gunplay with resulting fatalities.

No matter how logical and compelling the pro-mask arguments of the majority of those who represent the voice of RVA may be, there will be those who will either never be convinced that Covid-19 is a serious threat to the peoples of the United States of America OR (even though they may recognize the threat) have decided that pursuing their personal political agenda takes precedent over the health and security of their communities and their country.

It does not help that various RVA News outlets have depicted all of the Republican candidates like Leon Benjamin and Nick Freitas and Daniel Gade running for local races in photographs as individuals who have made it clear through their actions on the campaign trail that they do not support polices designed to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Those polices eschewed by the local GOP hopefuls include the concepts of social distancing and masking up.

This is especially troubling since several of those anti-mask Republican candidates have a very good chance of winning seats in the House of Representatives

This is especially true for the GOP candidates in the 4th and 7th congressional districts where the democratic incumbents (Abigail Spanberger and Donald McEachin) are especially vulnerable due to the riots and vandalism that occurred in Richmond City this past summer.

The bottom line is that, because of the philosophies of our president Donald J Trump, our fight to stop the spread of Covid-19 has become politicized to the point where there can be no compromise and we simply have to accept the fact that as country we are basically and completely screwed.

Bogus Fear of Voter Fraud milked for clicks by RVA Broadcast News Outlets? More to come from the Voice of RVA

Political Yard Signs provided by Carl Denham for the Voice of RVA AND RVA News

It is the opinion of those of us opining on the Voice of RVA that outlets like WRIC 8News are in danger of committing a serious disservice to the public by posting missives that imply that people in the Commonwealth of Virginia can vote three or four times

It may be effective click bait but it is our opinion that it is simply a flat out fabrication to imply that the intended recipients of these ballots can vote multiple times without detection and punishment.

The fact is in the Commonwealth of Virginia these ballots can only be cast by the people to whom they were addressed and the people to whom they were addressed are not going to be able to request another ballot either by mail or in person without producing the ones originally provided them..

The best that the addressee will be able to do is cast a provisional ballot after signing an affidavit and that provisional ballot will be null and void if their original ballots show up in the system.

It is the position of the staff at the Voice of RVA that broadcast outlets like WRIC 8News and other local media should not be posting stories like this without a disclaimer that the opinions expressed within the body of the story are just that, opinions only.
And those “opinions” may or may not have the Ring of Truth.

New, the Voice of RVA can now be accessed from RVANEWS.ORG


Those of us here at “Voice of RVA” are pleased to announce that our site can now be accessed through RVANEWS.ORG.

We have joined with RVA News as a service to our readers and an enhancement that should make the “Voice of RVA” more accessible to a cross-section of demographics in the Richmond Virginia area.

This was not an inexpensive move for us to make but we are willing to bear the additional expense if it results in an increased opportunity for the “Voice of RVA” to be a force for good in our community.

RVA News is a new and exciting brand that we welcome to our rapidly expanding team as we offer pithy and insightful commentary on the dynamic political situation in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Kim Gray, the Choice of the Voice of RVA for Mayor of the City of Richmond

Trump’s Hardcore Base on Fire: Credible Observers Fear Massive Disruption of vote by Reds

A lot of members of Donald J Trump’s hardcore base are certainly talking about up showing up at the polls on Election Day to attempt to disrupt the vote.

If that happens, speaking as the Voice of RVA, reasonable people may notnecessarily count on law enforcement to protect the sanctity of the election.

Don’t forget, Donald J Trump has extraordinary support among law enforcement officers.

And keep in mind, we already saw that police officer down in Miami Florida patrolling the polls with a Donald J Trump face mask in an attempt intimidate the liberal community.

The solution as we see it as the Voice of RVA is that these kids who spent the summer demonstrating on the streets of Richmond form “Election Protection Squads” and staff the polling places en masse to provide a counterpoint should any members of Donald J Trump’s hardcore base show up wearing camo, packing assault weaponry and acting snotty.

Now, we don’t necessarily see a problem here in River City.

The Voice of RVA suspects any members of Donald J Trump’s hardcore base who would be so inclined to show up at the polls to disrupt the vote would be too frightened to come into the Inner City.

But we certainly see a lot of potential for disruption in Chesterfield County and Eastern Henrico.

And of course Hanover County would be prime pickins for those looking to suppress the vote of minorities and the liberal community overall.


Sorry RPD, credible RVA News experts sez Gun Locks not the Answer. The Voice of RVA makes the case that irresponsible owners are the REAL problem here.

It is the understanding of those of us here at the Voice of RVA that when stolen firearms are recovered, the Richmond Police Department is returning them to the irresponsible gun owners who allowed the criminal element to get possession of them in the first place.

It is the opinion of those of us here at the Voice of RVA that any properly equipped criminal can easily circumvent those “gun locks” when they get their hands on the weapon.

The author of this missive for example, can pick a padlock with simple every day household items in a matter of minutes.

If a gun owner feels they really HAVE to leave their firearm in their vehicle they should have a lock box to prevent smash and grab or at the very least disassemble the firearm and hide the parts in different locations in the vehicle.

(As an aside, when the Voice of RVA posted the above observation on the Richmond Police Department Facebook page, a fella named Thomas Couch made the following observation.

Carl thinks women who go out in short skirts should also put on an overcoat because they’re asking for it.
Blame the criminal not the gun owner Carl

The Voice of RVA responded to Thomas Crouch thusly

Women in short skirts who solicit sex on the streets of Richmond are routinely charged with a crime because they are facilitating illegal activity.

The same logic can be applied to a so-called legal law-abiding gun owner who leaves his or her weapon unsecured in a vehicle and thereby makes it available to any perp or thug who happens to walk by.

I believe there was a story a week or so ago where one fella even left his weapon in plain view and a convertible with the top down.

In South Richmond this past summer there was a rash of weapons being stolen from vehicles left on the street overnight.”)

It is the opinion of the Voice of RVA that irresponsible gun owners who allow their weapons (either by carelessness or by intent) to fall into the hands of criminals are complicit in the growing carnage on the streets in River City

It is the opinion of the Voice of RVA (and all reasonable people would agree) that police should think long and hard before returning stolen weapons to the owners of record when the theft was the result of carelessness on the part of the so-called legal law abiding gun owner.


Will RVA Judge swing with Robert E Lee and the “Lost Cause” flaggers? Will it really matter? More to come

Ironically, now that the Robert E Lee Monument on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia has been given proper context via the wonderful street art, it sends a much more powerful signal to visitors that Richmond is moving away from the white supremacist rule then if it were removed and replaced by a patch of grass and a couple of trees.

The Robert E Lee Monument in Richmond Virginia photographed for the Voice of RVA and RVA News by Carl Denham

The Robert E Lee Monument in Richmond, Virginia

Right now the Lee Monument in Richmond Virginia sends a visual message that cannot be ignored and if the Lee Monument were removed from Monument Avenue there would be nothing left but a seething vacume.

The Robert E Lee Monument in Richmond Virginia photographed for the Voice of RVA and RVA News by Carl Denham
Lee Monument by Carl Denham

There are those who say that Central Virginia is no longer held in the group of fear by white supremacists.

Their evidence for that ridiculous claim is the fact that for two decades the mayor of the city has been a person of color.

The Voice of RVA reminds those people that for much of that 20 years, even though the Richmond City had a black mayor, it was largely the white power structure still pulling the strings.

The 6th Street Marketplace debacle is a case in point.
It was more a creation of the Main Street White Cabal than it was the black community, even though it was a black mayor who ultimately took the hit for it’s failure.

In any case, even though the white supremacist community is not currently in charge, they still think the are and there is still a substantial number of them active in the area.

This is especially obvious in the surrounding counties.
It does not hurt to send the message that this is no longer their world

VoRVA is saying that the Robert E Lee Monument now has a context that it lacked in the past.

It may ultimately be determined in the courts that the Robert E Lee Monument on Monument Avenue in Richmond Virginia cannot be removed.

But as long as this colorful and powerful street art is intact, Old Bobby Lee will still be sending a powerful message to the residents and visitors that the decent Citizens of Richmond Virginia are no longer solidly under the thumb of the white supremacist community.

A significant development in a city whose claim to fame (and great shame) is that it was once the Capital of the Confederacy and a hot bed of treason and sedation and repression.

The Robert E Lee Monument in Richmond Virginia photographed for the Voice of RVA and RVA News by Carl Denham
Lee Monument by Carl Denham

(As an aside, Andrew J Hamm asked of the Voice of RVA on Facebook if the same benefits would result if the image of Robert E Lee was removed but the pedestal remained as a canvas for local expression.

VoRVA’s answer was this.

“That’s a possibility.

Local residents would certainly understand the significance and the message but would visitors to the city who are not familiar with the history of Monument Avenue get the point without Old Bobby Lee atop the structure?”

Kim Gray and Riva Trammell setting voters on fire. The Voice of RVA has plenty to say in this free report

While the presidential election is going to determine the course this country takes for decades to come there are some pretty significant local races too.

In my guise as Carl Denham, one of the foremost political analysts in Central Virginia (Carl accurately predicted the defeat of Eric Cantor by Dave Brat in 2014 and the election of Donald J Trump in 2016) I am offering my take on two races of note in River City

Those two contests are the 8th District race for city council and the contest for mayor of Richmond City.

First out of the chute we have the councilmanic election in the City’s 8th District.

Those familiar with the 8th District know it’s one of the more challenging areas in the city, an area not the most affluent and often overlooked and the residents ridiculed by the power brokers over at City Hall.

Therefore it’s crucial that the representative from the 8th be a high energy individual willing to fight for, and committed to, the welfare of his or her constituents.

Fortunately for the residents of the 8th they have such a individual in their current council representative, Riva Trammell.

Riva Trammell is the choice of RVA News and the Voice of RVA for City Council

Riva is unique in Richmond politics in that she is the only full-time council member.
Riva is a proven performer, widely acknowledged to a tireless force for good, working on behalf of her constituents 24/7 and 365 days a year.

While her fellows on council see their positions as merely a part time job (or stepping stone to the State House) Riva Trammell has a proven and genuine love and affection for the community she serves.

The 8th can do no better than to re-elect Riva Trammell.

The other big contest in River City is of course the election of mayor.

As a good Christian gentleman I’m not going to sit here and bash current Mayor Lavar Stoney.

There are already plenty of residents standing in line to do that, especially after the Mayor tried to play both sides against the middle during the recent demonstrations and riots in Richmond Virginia this past summer.

I am simply going to say that in another life I had many professional interactions with both Lavar Stoney and his principal opponent in this race, Kim Gray.

Kim Gray is the choice of RVA News and the Voice of RVA for the mayorship of the City of Richmond

I had the opportunity to observe both up close and personal, to observe how they worked and interacted, not only with the media, but with the people they were elected to serve.

As an excellent judge of character I can say without fear of contradiction that I found Kim Gray to be the superior person by ever measure.

Like Riva Trammell, Kim Gray is fully committed to this community and will treat the mayorship as a full-time job, not merely
a stepping stone to the Governor’s Mansion in 2021.

In Kim Gray we can be assured of an Administration free of the appearance of sweetheart deals and other backroom shenanigans. We can expect an honesty that has been missing from City Hall for the past decade at least.

We can count on Kim to be a leader that be will around for the long haul, not one who sees the office simply as a stepping stone to greater political Glory.

For far too long Richmond City has been held hostage by a sense of entitlement and arrogance emanating from the mayor’s office, now we can count on Kim to put an end to that once and for all.

Local races may not have the sexy appeal of the national contests but they have a direct effect on the quality of life and with Richmond Virginia at a crossroads, a vote for city council and for mayor is not one to be wasted.


“No Mask” Amanda Chase meets with “No Mask” first responders. A NEW look at the potential risk via the RVA News Covid-19 desk

I would never discourage a member of Donald J Trump’s hardcore base from not masking up and from sharing their bodily fluids via a refusal to socially distant but it’s extremely disappointing to see “first responders” buying into this.

The obvious reason is that they routinely come in contact with the public in intimate ways and so there is a very good chance that some of them will spread this virus among the most vulnerable and those most likely to die from exposure.

The fact that they disrespect the people they serve to this disagree is disappointing to say the least and that is being kind.

(This was posted by Amanda Chase on Facebook, with many photographs of participants unmasked and packed together like sardines)

What a GREAT EVENING at the Bowling Green Volunteer Fire Department Sportsmen Dinner!!!Hundreds of sportsmen and women came out in support of our first responders and the freedoms we hold dear.

Tonight the BGVFD auctioned off a dinner with my husband and I to Longhorn Steakhouse and a package of campaign for Governor collateral to include t shirt, hat, yard sign and bumper sticker, raising $1100 for the volunteer fire department. ALL proceeds went to benefit the Bowling Green Volunteer Fire Department. Congratulations to tonight’s winners!

Together, let’s make Virginia Great Again.🇺🇸

Trump’s minions demanding landslide. Experts say “no way” Donald can get 70% of the vote

In order for Donald J Trump to win by a landslide he is going to have to win the popular vote by 20% more than Joe Biden and he is going to have to win over 70% of the electoral vote.

That is not very likely to happen.

If anything, Donald J Trump is going to lose the popular vote and win the Electoral College Vote by less than 60%, and that’s only going to be because Amy Barrett is going to hand him the election regardless of the will of the voters.

Abigail Spanberger victimized by Richmond Riots. Nick Fajitas seeking to exploit BLM for Electoral Glory in the 7th Congressional District of the Commonwealth of Virginia. And there’s even more

The riots in Richmond have become a topic of discussion.

The problem Abigail Spanberger’s detractors have is they are only bringing this up to divert attention from the fact that their man, Nick Fajitas, is battling to eliminate insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions, including pregnant women.

That elimination of insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions by Nick Fajitas is going to negatively affect FAR more people in this district than anything that happened last summer in Richmond City where the kids set fire to couple of dumpsters and raised a little hell.

The irony is they claim to be “pro-life” and yet they are apprently perfectly willing to facilitate the death and suffering of pregnant women and their fetuses by denying them access to affordable health care.

If they REALLY cared about black children they would want their mothers to have access to the same quality care to they and their white neighbors and Nick Fajitas himself receives but clearly they don’t.

The latest shocking news on the Kenosha Murders

Amy Barrett took us all to school but the lesson was not one America wanted to hear

Amy Barrett put things in perspective and it confirms what I have believed for decades.

Just about all people of good faith would agree that substantial numbers of the anti-abortion community don’t give a Gdamn about the fetuses, they simply want to force their own version of morality on everybody else, even if forcing their version of morality on everybody else results in pain and suffering and even death.

Most reasonable people would agree that it is really telling that substantial numbers of the anti-abortionist community are not only against abortion but they’re also against contraception by any means.

Many of them truly believe in that quote from the Bible, “It’s better to sow your seed in the belly of a whore than cast it on barren ground”.

Just about all reasonable people would agree that it really isn’t about being “pro-life” with substantial numbers of the anti-abortion community, it’s the furtherance of an agenda of control, repression, hate and punishment.