“You could cook a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner.
But would your young kids really just prefer to eat Chick-fil-A?”

This is a question posted by a local news staffer that appeared on one of the organization’s Facebook pages today. It is typical of the kind of stuff we see posted by the local media outlets here in RVA during this time of world wide crisis. Kids and Thanksgiving present quite the challenge with Covid-19 raging around the country.

It caught the eye of the Voice of RVA because it is a query that raises some very profound issues at this time of crisis in #RVA and the world at large.

Most of the responses to this query were predictable and were centered on the relative value of fast food meals versus home cooked dinners in the eyes of the children.

But one response caught the ear of the Voice of RVA and is worth exploring.

Check it out.

“It depends on how the kids are raised and how stressful meals at home are, not to mention Family Dynamics.

Thanksgiving dinner is going to be especially stressful this year what with all the political division in families and the possibility that covid-19 may strike the elderly attendees after the meal, causing a lot of guilt and trauma to the children should things go sideways for the older people.

A Come to Jesus meeting with the children before the meal would provide an opportunity to discuss all these issues and prepare the children to cope with what may not be a pleasant situation.”

There is certainly food for thought there.
Given the dangers represented by Covid-19 and the refusal of Donald J Trump to accept rejection at the hands of the American people, reasonable people certainly will not be approaching this holiday season with the same happy go lucky spirit that has been the order of the day in past, less complicated times.

We should also point out that Chick-fil-A will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, so that is not a realistic option”

All in all, an excellent observation, and one much appreciated by those of us here at the Voice of RVA. This certainly Food for Thought.

(and here is another interesting take on Thanksgiving that local parents in #RVA might appreciate}


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