There is no question a lot of people do find themselves in a financial trap trying to meet their responsibilities to their pets but they should not be criticized for that.

The fact is some people are just more humane and compassionate than others and more willing to sacrifice their own financial security on behalf of others, both human and animal.

The REAL problem is those people in the veterinary industry whose charges are far out of proportion to the services rendered.

And there is a predatory element in the veterinary industry.
In many cases clients are encouraged to pursue expensive treatments for an animal that has no realistic chance of survival.

Not only does this deplete the bank account of the pet owner but it causes the animal unnecessary suffering.

Witness the story of the racehorse Barbaro for an extreme example

What we REALLY need to start doing, rather than attacking pet owners for their compassion, is promoting changes in the industry that allow for comparison shopping between veterinarians such as the mandated posting of the cost of the provided services.


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