Donald J Trump’s bid for a second bite at the Apple will end on the 3rd of November, 2020 but the controversy will continue for weeks if not months to come.

Security experts tell us is that Foreign States are engaged in a full court press to destroy the credibility of the American electoral system.

Chief among those bad actors, according to those who know, are the Chinese who are alleged to have launched a very sophisticated and effective multi-point attack on voters in the United States of America.

Word on the street is that this attack by the Chinese, unlike that of the Russians, is being carried out for the benefit of Joe Biden and not Putin’s lap dog in the guise of Donald J Trump.

Other credible experts tell us that is speculation without foundation. The true goal of the Chinese, they say, is the total destruction of faith in the American system and not to facilitate the election of any particular candidate

There is evidence today that the China efforts, along with the efforts of their Russian counterparts, are going to be extraordinarily successful in 2020.

And sad to say it won’t just be the Chinese and Russians who will have destroyed American’s faith in their own electoral process.

These bad actors from foreign shores can depend on an assist from native born homegrown political extremists like the newly appointed Supreme Court Justice, Amy Coney Barrett.

Persuasive political prognosticators are speculating that this election can very well end up being decided by the Supreme Court of the United States of America… not by the will of the electorate.

If that happens, they say, the people of America can be all but assured that a Justice like Amy Coney Barrett will step up to the plate in defense of her man and hand Donald J Trump a second bite at the Apple regardless of the will of the people and the outcome of the vote.

These are perilous times to say the least, and you can depend on RVA Confidential to keep on top of this breaking situation and continue our long tradition of telling it like it is.


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