RVA Confidential says “pack it in Democrats”

While there is no question that Amy Coney Barrett is the lapdog of Donald J Trump and a Tool of the Pope, there is no power on Earth that can stop her confirmation today.

The Liberals in Richmond Virginia and around the world need to accept the fact that they can kiss their healthcare goodbye, that the gay community is going to lose all rights, and any woman who wants a safe and legal abortion better get it now because those days when a woman has control over her own reproductive health are numbered.

And the liberal community can forget electing a Democratic President next week with Amy Coney Barrett on the bench

Regardless of the Will of the Voter, it is clear to those of us here at RVA Confidential Amy Barrett is going to insure that Donald J Trump is going to get a second bite at the Apple and another four years in the Oval Office.

If liberals have an issue with that they should have thought about it in 2016 when the Bernie bots and many members of young black community threw their little election day hissy fit and didn’t show up at the polls (OR in some cases actually voted for Donald J Trump).

And reasonable people would agree that we should not let Ruth Bader Ginsberg off the hook either

If RGB had not stayed too long at the party ACB wouldn’t have had a chance in hell of sitting on the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

The liberal community was warned of the ramifications of pursuing their little hissy fits in 2016 but they didn’t listen and now all decent and true Americans will have to face the consequences.

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