Mandatory Masking as recommended by Dr Fauci in this article posted by WWBT NBC12 would be the smart move but is also unenforceable.

In our own area, we see reports on various RVA News outlets of a local candidate for governor who has made the naked face the cornerstone of her campaign.

Leave us not forget that the naked face of 2020 has become the equivalent of the MAGA hat of 2016, a way for white, right-wing extremists to show not only their love and affection for their current president but to send a message to all decent and true Americans that they are not going to relinquish their hithertofore dominant position in society without a fight.

And a fight, we should add, that in some cases will go beyond verbal sparring and result in actual violent physical attacks against those who attempt to enforce any mask policy.

We have already seen a number of incidences where a few members of anti-mask community have resorted to gunplay with resulting fatalities.

No matter how logical and compelling the pro-mask arguments of the majority of those who represent the voice of RVA may be, there will be those who will either never be convinced that Covid-19 is a serious threat to the peoples of the United States of America OR (even though they may recognize the threat) have decided that pursuing their personal political agenda takes precedent over the health and security of their communities and their country.

It does not help that various RVA News outlets have depicted all of the Republican candidates like Leon Benjamin and Nick Freitas and Daniel Gade running for local races in photographs as individuals who have made it clear through their actions on the campaign trail that they do not support polices designed to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Those polices eschewed by the local GOP hopefuls include the concepts of social distancing and masking up.

This is especially troubling since several of those anti-mask Republican candidates have a very good chance of winning seats in the House of Representatives

This is especially true for the GOP candidates in the 4th and 7th congressional districts where the democratic incumbents (Abigail Spanberger and Donald McEachin) are especially vulnerable due to the riots and vandalism that occurred in Richmond City this past summer.

The bottom line is that, because of the philosophies of our president Donald J Trump, our fight to stop the spread of Covid-19 has become politicized to the point where there can be no compromise and we simply have to accept the fact that as country we are basically and completely screwed.

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