A lot of members of Donald J Trump’s hardcore base are certainly talking about up showing up at the polls on Election Day to attempt to disrupt the vote.

If that happens, speaking as the Voice of RVA, reasonable people may notnecessarily count on law enforcement to protect the sanctity of the election.

Don’t forget, Donald J Trump has extraordinary support among law enforcement officers.

And keep in mind, we already saw that police officer down in Miami Florida patrolling the polls with a Donald J Trump face mask in an attempt intimidate the liberal community.

The solution as we see it as the Voice of RVA is that these kids who spent the summer demonstrating on the streets of Richmond form “Election Protection Squads” and staff the polling places en masse to provide a counterpoint should any members of Donald J Trump’s hardcore base show up wearing camo, packing assault weaponry and acting snotty.

Now, we don’t necessarily see a problem here in River City.

The Voice of RVA suspects any members of Donald J Trump’s hardcore base who would be so inclined to show up at the polls to disrupt the vote would be too frightened to come into the Inner City.

But we certainly see a lot of potential for disruption in Chesterfield County and Eastern Henrico.

And of course Hanover County would be prime pickins for those looking to suppress the vote of minorities and the liberal community overall.


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