It is the understanding of those of us here at the Voice of RVA that when stolen firearms are recovered, the Richmond Police Department is returning them to the irresponsible gun owners who allowed the criminal element to get possession of them in the first place.

It is the opinion of those of us here at the Voice of RVA that any properly equipped criminal can easily circumvent those “gun locks” when they get their hands on the weapon.

The author of this missive for example, can pick a padlock with simple every day household items in a matter of minutes.

If a gun owner feels they really HAVE to leave their firearm in their vehicle they should have a lock box to prevent smash and grab or at the very least disassemble the firearm and hide the parts in different locations in the vehicle.

(As an aside, when the Voice of RVA posted the above observation on the Richmond Police Department Facebook page, a fella named Thomas Couch made the following observation.

Carl thinks women who go out in short skirts should also put on an overcoat because they’re asking for it.
Blame the criminal not the gun owner Carl

The Voice of RVA responded to Thomas Crouch thusly

Women in short skirts who solicit sex on the streets of Richmond are routinely charged with a crime because they are facilitating illegal activity.

The same logic can be applied to a so-called legal law-abiding gun owner who leaves his or her weapon unsecured in a vehicle and thereby makes it available to any perp or thug who happens to walk by.

I believe there was a story a week or so ago where one fella even left his weapon in plain view and a convertible with the top down.

In South Richmond this past summer there was a rash of weapons being stolen from vehicles left on the street overnight.”)

It is the opinion of the Voice of RVA that irresponsible gun owners who allow their weapons (either by carelessness or by intent) to fall into the hands of criminals are complicit in the growing carnage on the streets in River City

It is the opinion of the Voice of RVA (and all reasonable people would agree) that police should think long and hard before returning stolen weapons to the owners of record when the theft was the result of carelessness on the part of the so-called legal law abiding gun owner.


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