While the presidential election is going to determine the course this country takes for decades to come there are some pretty significant local races too.

In my guise as Carl Denham, one of the foremost political analysts in Central Virginia (Carl accurately predicted the defeat of Eric Cantor by Dave Brat in 2014 and the election of Donald J Trump in 2016) I am offering my take on two races of note in River City

Those two contests are the 8th District race for city council and the contest for mayor of Richmond City.

First out of the chute we have the councilmanic election in the City’s 8th District.

Those familiar with the 8th District know it’s one of the more challenging areas in the city, an area not the most affluent and often overlooked and the residents ridiculed by the power brokers over at City Hall.

Therefore it’s crucial that the representative from the 8th be a high energy individual willing to fight for, and committed to, the welfare of his or her constituents.

Fortunately for the residents of the 8th they have such a individual in their current council representative, Riva Trammell.

Riva Trammell is the choice of RVA News and the Voice of RVA for City Council

Riva is unique in Richmond politics in that she is the only full-time council member.
Riva is a proven performer, widely acknowledged to a tireless force for good, working on behalf of her constituents 24/7 and 365 days a year.

While her fellows on council see their positions as merely a part time job (or stepping stone to the State House) Riva Trammell has a proven and genuine love and affection for the community she serves.

The 8th can do no better than to re-elect Riva Trammell.

The other big contest in River City is of course the election of mayor.

As a good Christian gentleman I’m not going to sit here and bash current Mayor Lavar Stoney.

There are already plenty of residents standing in line to do that, especially after the Mayor tried to play both sides against the middle during the recent demonstrations and riots in Richmond Virginia this past summer.

I am simply going to say that in another life I had many professional interactions with both Lavar Stoney and his principal opponent in this race, Kim Gray.

Kim Gray is the choice of RVA News and the Voice of RVA for the mayorship of the City of Richmond

I had the opportunity to observe both up close and personal, to observe how they worked and interacted, not only with the media, but with the people they were elected to serve.

As an excellent judge of character I can say without fear of contradiction that I found Kim Gray to be the superior person by ever measure.

Like Riva Trammell, Kim Gray is fully committed to this community and will treat the mayorship as a full-time job, not merely
a stepping stone to the Governor’s Mansion in 2021.

In Kim Gray we can be assured of an Administration free of the appearance of sweetheart deals and other backroom shenanigans. We can expect an honesty that has been missing from City Hall for the past decade at least.

We can count on Kim to be a leader that be will around for the long haul, not one who sees the office simply as a stepping stone to greater political Glory.

For far too long Richmond City has been held hostage by a sense of entitlement and arrogance emanating from the mayor’s office, now we can count on Kim to put an end to that once and for all.

Local races may not have the sexy appeal of the national contests but they have a direct effect on the quality of life and with Richmond Virginia at a crossroads, a vote for city council and for mayor is not one to be wasted.


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