The riots in Richmond have become a topic of discussion.

The problem Abigail Spanberger’s detractors have is they are only bringing this up to divert attention from the fact that their man, Nick Fajitas, is battling to eliminate insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions, including pregnant women.

That elimination of insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions by Nick Fajitas is going to negatively affect FAR more people in this district than anything that happened last summer in Richmond City where the kids set fire to couple of dumpsters and raised a little hell.

The irony is they claim to be “pro-life” and yet they are apprently perfectly willing to facilitate the death and suffering of pregnant women and their fetuses by denying them access to affordable health care.

If they REALLY cared about black children they would want their mothers to have access to the same quality care to they and their white neighbors and Nick Fajitas himself receives but clearly they don’t.

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